The Fatherly truth revealed

**Before we get into this, I caution you to not read this out loud or within earshot of the mother of your child.  Results may vary in terms of how bad she lets you have it.**

I think it’s pretty fair to admit to the world (silently) that dads are better than moms.  We are the everyday Supermen of our household by being the man of close to steel, entertainers and Dr.Phil, all in one shot.  That takes some real finesse to pull off.  Here, let me point it out for you.

We’re always there for the smiles

Kudos to you sir! You just spent close to 10 hours of your day at work hustling and bustling to get projects launched, avert crises and sit through long meetings that could’ve been kept to 5 minutes. By the time you reach home, I know you’re tired but that doesn’t stop you. You throw your cape on and make sure that your little monster has the time of her life because, for all we know, she was miserable with boring mom all day.  Now is the time to be baby girls hero and work triple overtime for those smiles.

Playtime – Moms Kryptonite

This is our specialty right here. We dads go on every adventure imaginable. Moms do too, except for adventures that has to with getting dirty. DIRT – a mom’s krptonite. From the sandbox to just rolling around on the ground, we’re genetically built for this.  I can go for hours with our toddler without missing a step and will let her explore a “cleared” section. (Scroll down to the bodyguard section to get that reference.) We dads don’t fear crumbs, mud or stains. Fearless.


Bedtime may be a tricky time … FOR MOM. We dads know exactly what to do! Remember moms, we’re working triple overtime for those smile so bedtime may be 30 minutes later than usual but it’s alright. 1 episode of her favorite TV show, 2 games of hide and seek, 3 books, 1 cup of milk, bathroom check then one cup of water will have her sleeping like a log. Remember moms, later bedtimes, courtesy of dad means you have a later morning to kick off the next day. We know how much you love your beauty sleep. You’re welcome.

We’re creative

I have never met a dad that is stocked with bedtime lullabies. Let alone, know all the words to the ones that they do know. Personally, I don’t know all the words to any bedtime lullabies (shrugs) .  From the womb – up until the first year, I only sang Bob Marley songs at bedtime and she loved it! Nowadays, I just make up my own lullabies (her mom hates it) to help our little monster hop on the express to dreamland.

We don’t have to limit this to bedtime, this goes for singing songs to help her calm down because she can go “0 -100 real quick”, eating , cleaning up, annoying mom etc. The more I think about it, I just may have some gifted vocals.

Dads are the best body guards

We’ll have to get more in depth in the future but for now, we are the best body guards. My girlfriend often calls me overbearing or “Dadzilla” but hey, there will be no scraped knees or BOYS on my watch.

Our toddler loves to walk on her own and sometimes I hate it.  This is New York City so sidewalks are always packed. Moms are just way too cool in certain situations, , meanwhile I’m freaking out inside. That’s why I’m always less than one step away so I can catch her when she trips or drop kick someone who gets to close. I’m in no way promoting violence, simply saying, pay attention while walking or you may get drop kicked by a dad because you were too into your phone and almost trampled his kid. THAT’S ALL.